About this Course

This miniCURE allows students to develop a project using RNA-seq datasets to introduce how model organisms, high-throughput sequencing, and the scientific process are used in both basic and clinical research.

Skills Level

Novice: Introduction to central dogma of molecular biology

Programming skills
Novice: No programming experience needed

Learning Goals

  • Navigate biological databases to access the wealth of available scientific knowledge and data.
  • Analyze data (i.e. create and interpret plots) to generate novel conclusions.
  • Cultivate an “-omics” perspective, integrating multiple sources of information and wielding computational tools to enable a holistic approach
  • Practice the scientific process, identifying avenues for research, designing experiments, analyzing data, and integrating results into the broader scientific discourse.

Core Competencies

This activity addresses several core concepts and competencies from the following sources:

See Appendix for details.

C-MOOR Collection

This content is part of a collection of teaching resources developed by C-MOOR. C-MOOR works to break down barriers to scientific participation and build pathways for the next generation of data scientists through authentic research experiences. Learn more about C-MOOR by viewing our projects, or read about how C-MOOR is integrating research experience into undergraduate biology courses at Clovis Community College.